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Scarborough Civic Action Network

Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) has its own website! Check it out Scarborough Civic Action Network

The Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) is a network of individuals, community groups, and organizations that builds and supports infrastructure needed for enabling and cultivating meaningful community-based and community-driven civic participation throughout Scarborough with a target of reaching marginalized communities and those most at risk of social exclusion, namely those living in poverty.  SCAN works inclusively with all Scarborough communities to address issues related to equity, inclusion and opportunity for all, and brings people together so that they can engage with each other, learn from each other and speak out with a stronger voice about the issues that matter to them.

SCAN is able to do this work through 3 main areas:

  1. Provide learning, skills training and mentoring opportunities for residents around civic participation and community organizing;
  2. Support community members for active involvement in civic activities including collaborative efforts and resident-led initiatives that would address issues affecting their communities;
  3. Work collaboratively with a diverse stakeholder group to take action on issues important to those living in Scarborough


ACSA is currently working closely with other community partners in an effort to get more funding to support the project. If you’d like more information, contact Thevya Balendran at 416-677-0636 or email


Community voices

I knew from day 1 that they [ACSA] really strives to make people's lives better. They helped me get back on track and better my life tremendously.
R.MacLean, July 2022

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