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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

Dorset Park Community Hub

Over 50,000 people came into the Hub last year to access a variety of programs and services ranging from newcomer services, to yoga classes, to seniors programs, resume review etc.

The Dorset Park Community Hub is a place where everyone may have equal access to a wide range of services and supports vital to the well being of our community. In 2014, over 41035 people walked through the hub doors and accessed the services of our 9 anchor partners including the food bank, newcomer centre, computer lab, children’s programs, youth programs and wellness programs. The hub is not just a place for people to access service and supports, as it is also about creating space for community. As a result, residents have been taking ownership and have started numerous initiatives of their own such as the sewing and cooking class.  To find out more about Dorset Park Community Hub, please visit





HUB Engagement

The goal of Strengthening the Community Hub Model is to move from co-location to true co-integration. Through this pilot project, we will explore new avenues to deepen the involvement of community members within their hub, while offering opportunities for employment, educational and personal development. Hub partners and community members will engage through Training and Certification, Knowledge Transfer Sessions and Events, and Mentorship and Coaching.  To learn more about the program, please click here to review our flyer.  

Training & Certification

  • Access to training and/or certification that will increase attainment of employment and/or education (ie. security guard licence, CPR/first aid, cashier/customer service …)

Knowledge Transfer Sessions & Events

  • A platform for all hub partners including residents, to share information and expertise, to gain insight on current activities and needs of the community (ie. community cafes, community speaks, community events…)

Mentorship & Coaching

  • Hub partners lending knowledge and expertise to community members in soft skill practices required in successful attainment and retention of employment



For more information, contact reception at 416-292-6912, ext 0 or email 



Community voices

"My experience in both Silver Spring Park Reading Circle and Beyond Academics has taught me that to create social change and empower these children I need to be more proactive in the solution"
Lamyaa Hassan, Dorset Park, July 2015

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