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Dorset Park Community Hub



Over 50,000 people came into the Hub last year to access a variety of programs and services ranging from newcomer services, to yoga classes, to seniors programs, resume review etc.

The Dorset Park Community Hub is a place where everyone may have equal access to a wide range of services and supports vital to the well being of our community. In 2020, over 70,000 people walked through the hub doors and accessed the services of our anchor partners including the food bank, newcomer centre, computer lab, children’s programs, youth programs and wellness programs. The hub is not just a place for people to access service and supports, as it is also about creating space for community. As a result, residents have been taking ownership and have started numerous initiatives of their own such as the sewing and cooking class.  To find out more about Dorset Park Community Hub, please visit





For more information, contact reception at 416-292-6912, ext 0 or email 


The Dorset Park Network

The Dorset Park Network is a coalition of local residents, social service organizations, business representatives, institutions and levels of government providing supports, programs or services to the Dorset Park neighbourhood. The network also has work groups that collaborate to address the neighbourhood’s prioirity areas. For the purposes of neighbourhood action, the Dorset Park Network focuses its efforts on the area bounded by Birchmount Road to the west, Midland Avenue to the east, Flora Drive to the south and Highway 401 to the north.


The Dorset Park Network started in 2005 as a group called the Dorset Park Neighbourhood Action Partnership (NAP). It was formed after Dorset Park was identified as a ‘priority neighbourhood’ by the City of Toronto under its original Strong Neighbourhood Strategy, and as such required investment and support.  In 2014, the City re-classified Dorset Park as an ‘emerging neighbourhood’. Afterwards the network became community-led and re-named itself the Dorset Park Network to continue strengthening the neighbourhood.

What does the Dorset Park Network Do?
  • Leverages resources for the community
  • Connects residents and community partners to address local priorities
  • Ensures residents’ voices are at the table when taking neighbourhood action

For more information or to become a partner, contact Hub Supervisor, at 416-292-6912 x 303.


Women’s English Circle

In 2014, the Women’s English Circle program expanded to 5 days a week which allowed it to reach over 60 women and 40 children in the Dorset Park Community This program works to teach women new skills and also works to increase social networks and get women involved in the broader community. 

For more information contact Suganthine Sivakumar at 416-292-6912, ext 315



Community voices

I knew from day 1 that they [ACSA] really strives to make people's lives better. They helped me get back on track and better my life tremendously.
R. MacLean, July 2022

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