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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

Archive: Nov/Dec 2021 Sessions

Winter 2021 Schedule

Please see below the topics we have covered with links to our presentation slides as well as recipes for our Nov/Dec program in 2021.







Taste the World

What do we know about food around the world?

Indonesian cuisine

What can we learn from other food cultures?

Gado gado salad with peanut sauce


Understanding Food Labelling

Origins of food labelling

Andean cuisine

Getting familiar with our tools

Why is food labelling important?

Locro de Zapallo


School Lunch & Snacks

Taste the world - School lunch edition

School lunch & snacks

Educating and involving your children

Lunch: Scrambled eggs & tomatoes

Snacks: Banana ice cream, apple cookies, frozen yogurt covered blueberries

Drink: Ginger bug soda


Baking & Desserts 101

Back to the basics

Afghan & Filipino desserts

Nutrition and healthy substitutions

Afghan rice pudding

Cassava cake


A Guide to Preserving + Storing Food and Reducing Food Waste

Food preservation: techniques

Storing food and reducing waste: canned vs. fresh vs. frozen, tips

Baby corn masala


Moroccan Food Culture & Spicing

Moroccan food culture

Spices 101

Moroccan vegetarian chickpea & carrot tagine


Community voices

"My experience in both Silver Spring Park Reading Circle and Beyond Academics has taught me that to create social change and empower these children I need to be more proactive in the solution"
Lamyaa Hassan, Dorset Park, July 2015

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