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COMMUNITY SERVICES | Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities

2022 Annual General Meeting

Please join us for our 2022 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday June 7, 2022 from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM via Zoom. 

Click to view our 2022 AGM Invitation/Notice.

Click to view our 2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda + Approval of By-Law Amendment. 


Approval of By-Law Amendment:

Proposed addition to by-law Article 15 (Dissolution):

If ACSA should dissolve, ACSA would provide for the distribution of the organization’s assets and property held or acquired from the proceeds of cGaming (i.e., cGaming trust accounts or property purchased with cGaming proceeds) to charitable organizations that are eligible to receive cGaming proceeds in Ontario. 


Community voices

"My experience in both Silver Spring Park Reading Circle and Beyond Academics has taught me that to create social change and empower these children I need to be more proactive in the solution"
Lamyaa Hassan, Dorset Park, July 2015

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